Wo Fung Noodle Express en Richmond, BC (2022)


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+1 604-284-5635


8400 Alexandra Road Suite 190, Richmond, BC, V6X 1C3

Golden Village

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Hoy 11:30 – 21:00

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Horario local (Richmond) 23:28 jueves, 21 de julio de 2022

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lunes11:30 – 21:00
martes11:30 – 21:00
miércoles11:30 – 21:00
jueves11:30 – 21:00
viernes11:30 – 21:00
sábado11:30 – 21:00
domingo11:30 – 21:00

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8400 Alexandra Road Suite 190



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17 opiniones sobre Wo Fung Noodle Express

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Lauren L.

Tu valoración: 4
Vancouver, Canada

Still my favourite place for quick and tasty wuntun and noodles.
Cafeteria style you go in and sit, then go to the front desk to place your order.
You could probably come here and order something different every week for over a year.
Great family that runs this place. Friendly and they have some of the best deep fried wings and squid to offer.
I’m hoping that one day they can offer their Butaya food again. That would make this place perfect!
Food style — Cafeteria Chinese (food court style) Cantonese
Service — Good, fast, efficient
Options — good
Best picks — Noodle soup combos, Chicken wings, Squid.

Shila B.

Tu valoración: 3
Vancouver, Canada

I came here with a friend of mine for the noodle express. I didn’t have much of the brooth as I found it to be overly salty, however, stayed for the noodles and the veggies. It was a cheap near by option at the time, therefore, it did what it set out to do on the tummy mission.
Service was really fast and friendly.
Decent size place. My only real compliant is that they need to take a little more care in the cleanliness of the bathroom.

You choose your noodle, then 2,3 or 4 items from a variety of add-​on choice. The place is small and was crowded when we went there. Lots of MSG though as I was thirsty afterward.

Annie M.

Tu valoración: 3
Vancouver, Canada

I was looking for a quick and cheap lunch at Richmond, but, I don’t like to eat at food court at all. Wo Fung came to mind and just went to check it out.
Wo Fung Noodle used to be at Aberdeen Centre food court, but they sold the business to what is now Wu Fung Dessert. Since then, they have moved into this location.
We ordered the cart noodles with two toppings. The concept of «cart noodles» is that customers can mix and match their choice of noodles with different toppings. Also, we had their famous deep fried chicken wings and curry fish balls!
Of coz, no complain of cheap ingredients! Just a bit thirsty after we finished it.

Karin S.

Tu valoración: 5
Vancouver, Canada

Five out of five for the price you pay for and the quality. Love the fried chicken wings here, and the noodle bowls are reasonably priced. Curry fish balls reminded me of when my uncle bought me curry fish balls in Hong Kong. Very authentic.

Nancy W.

Tu valoración: 4
Port Coquitlam, Canada

Wo Fung Noodle Express 和豐車仔麵 Richmond moved from Aberdeen Mall. The owners of Wo Fung Dessert had sold the food court stall to open a restaurant on Alexandra Road aka «Eat Street». The restaurant operates much like it does a food court. Pay first. Seat yourself and the food will arrive later. Condiments, sauces, chili oil are self serve.
Minimum décor. Not a lot going on except delicious chicken wings and a quick meal. If you are in a hurry, this is the place!
A Noodle Sheet is provided as your menu. Select your type of noodle: egg noodles, vermicelli, rice noodle… Select your topping over a variety of beef tripe, squid balls, fish balls, beef brisket, chicken wings, etc… That’s it. Quick and dirty.
If there is one thing you need to try here is their deep fried chicken wings!

Stephanie T.

Tu valoración: 4
Richmond, Canada

Pretty good although it’s not a typical sit down restaurant so don’t expect the best service. Very satisfied with the noodle soup here. Good for a quick meal.
The way this place works is you wait for an open seat, then you can order at the front, you pay, they give you a number and they bring the food to you.
You choose the type of noodle and then you choose toppings. Each additional one is 75 cents. Unfortunately a drink is not included.
I got ho fun noodles with four toppings (I was starving). The curry fish balls were very good. They gave me a lot of beef omasum. The sausage was salty and yummy but they only gave me a small portion. Lastly, the pork neck was amazing. They are deep fried and I got two pieces. If I came again, for sure I would get the pork neck topping again.
Overall, I was very happy with my visit. I wish they used real bowls rather than take out ones for sit down meals, though. I have a friend who comes here all the time so I know it’s consistent. I think it’s perfect for a quick cheap meal and I would definitely go again!

John S.

Tu valoración: 4
Richmond, Canada

More of a fast food «food court» style place than a real restaurant, so don’t expect much service. They’ve got the choose-​your-​own toppings noodles which is pretty good. And then there are those wings… Oh dear those wings. Keep in mind when ordering, 1 wing = the entire wing, so if you order 12 you’re getting a lot! If you’re looking for a cheap meal, well the price kind of sneaks up on you. Get noodles with 3 toppings, a drink and some wings and your meal is already over $ 15. But those wings… OMG. Way more finger licking good than any KFC wing. Garlic and ginger and who knows what… Doesn’t matter because they’re delicious!
Parking kind of sucks here during peak hours and on weekends. You may be circling around a lot waiting for a spot to open up, but at least the parking lot is big.

Julian L.

Tu valoración: 4
Seattle, WA

Went here for the wings. They were solid HK-​style chicken wings.
Also had a soup noodle (with their ‘oil noodle’) with brisket + wonton. Solid as well. The broth was refreshingly clear.

(Video) SPICY DIPPING Hotpot, BEER RAMEN & Richmond Night Market in Vancouver Canada

Andy C.

Tu valoración: 3
Blaine, WA

Visited this place with DW 2 weeks ago. Very small place, literally a transplant of the food court mindset from the Aberdeen mall stall to this place. No real service to speak of. Food was pretty good but did not have the ambiance of what you would expect from a «sit-​down» restaurant. Felt like we we eating at a food court. Won’t be making any special effort to revisit though.
Richmond bc

Paul C.

Tu valoración: 4
San Francisco, CA

Bargain Chinese fast food noodles. Delicious noodles. Small shop, so crowded, but worth the wait. The guy manning the register got us seated quickly, great service! Very nice variety of noodles and ingredients to add to your noodles. Nice snacks too, like the curry fish balls.
Overall a great eating experience!

Kimberlie L.

Tu valoración: 4
East Bay, CA

My favorite chicken wing place!!! I love the seasoning they use on the wings — not overpowering and it’s super adddictive! I think I ate here everyday for a week once…
Yeah so get the wings, and if you feel like devouring a bowl of noodles you’ve come to the right place. Basically you pick what your noodle bowl will comprise of, one two or three items.
Not a huge fan of their squid or tofu since they are super oil soaked (well, ok I guess it’s deep fried).
Great place for takeout since the ambiance is nothing special — just a small café style shop.

Janice L.

Tu valoración: 3
Richmond, Canada

In search for a quick and light lunch, the newly opened Wo Fung came to mind. Wo Fung Noodle Express used to be at Aberdeen Centre food court, but they sold the business to what is now Wu Fung Dessert. Since then, they have moved into this space and opened up Butaya. Recently, they have modified the space to a noodles house instead, which is great, since that is really what they do best. Also, they have their famous deep fried chicken wings again!
Reminiscent of the fast food restaurants in Hong Kong such as Café de Coral, patrons simply walk in, sit wherever they please (and is socially acceptable), and walk up to a counter to order and pay. I like it. It’s an efficient system, though I can imagine some complaints about the system.
We each ordered the cart noodles with two toppings each ($ 5). The concept of «cart noodles» is that customers can mix and match their choice of noodles with different toppings.
Since Deer Garden Signatures no longer offers cuttlefish balls, in search Richmond next top cuttlefish ball, Mama Leung ordered them along with beef brisket on top of thick noodles. I’m personally not a fan of this type of noodles since they’re much harder than typical Asian noodles. The cuttlefish balls were disappointing; Deer Garden definitely set the standards and I’m still angry they don’t have them on their menu anymore. These were much smaller and didn’t have any crunch to them. The beef brisket was a bit bland, but they weren’t tough, fortunately.
I opted for the beef tripe and beef tendon balls on yellow noodles («oil noodles» in Cantonese). The tripe was good, but the balls again were small and a bit disappointing. My favourite beef tendon balls are actually the ones from Supermarket 2000.
Seeing as the noodles were just alright and same for the toppings, what really sold Wo Fung was the soup. It was a bit reminiscent of the famous fish soup base used by the upscale Hong Kong cha chaan teng, Tsui Wah. This was of course not as delicious though and had more MSG, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.
Wo Fung is quite decent for a quick and cheap meal that is quite filling, and it’s definitely more comfortable than a food court setting. One complaint is that it is a tad more expensive than Connie’s Curry Kitchen and is less generous with toppings, but Wo Fung’s soup beats it hands down.

Vincci L.

Tu valoración: 4
Vancouver, Canada

Get the wings here. And the squid. The wings, deep fried in a batter of garlic goodness, one bite, and you’ll want to have more. (They’re also the original ones from the Aberdeen Food Court.)The squid, crispy tentacles of salty goodness.
Oh, and the noodles. They’re nothing extraordinary, but for $ 5.00, you can choose your type of noodles and 2 toppings. I always get my usual beef tripe and curry fish ball combo. You can’t beat it.
Order and pay up front, and they bring the food right to you. A place to grab a quick bite and a good alternative to the food court.

Hubert Y.

Tu valoración: 4
Richmond, Canada

When they said ‘noodle express,’ they meant it.
The place is quite small and can get pretty busy during peak times, especially on the weekends.
What one needs to do, in a food court style restaurant (Thanks Larry L.!). You come in, get a table, look through the menu. Once decided, go up to the front counter, place your order and pay. You head back to your table and in a few minutes your food arrives. Voilà! It’s chow time.
Like most Chinese places, they only accept paper money. No plastics.
Make your own noodle soup ($ 5 — $ 7)
— Noodle choices, Regular Noodles (egg noodles), Vermicelli, Rice Noodles (wide flat ones); add $ 0.50 for Udon and Instant Noodles.
— Choice of 2, 3 or 4 items — with over 15 items to choose from, and I can list them all.
— Soup base, no choices. They just have one type.
The chicken wings from this place is awesome! It’s the same ones from Aberdeen
High chairs are available for the little ones.

Wendy Y.

Tu valoración: 2
Richmond, Canada

The bulk of the draft for this review was typed up from my smart phone on the night I had their food. I was wanting to type up the rest on my home computer immediately after I got home but for some odd reason it died on me so here it is, a few days later.
I don’t know what was worse — bad food or the side effect? I ordered a soupy vermicelli with extra yellow curry sauce with softened deep fried pork skin and beef brisket. This is a typical HK style food and it’s hard to mess this one up especially when the owner has many years of experience running the Aberdeen food court stall. My vermicelli was soggy, pork skin was over cooked, beef brisket had a lot of fat (I bearly had any meat). Soup was loaded with MSG. You know that feeling when you know you ate too much fries, buttery goods, or a plate of white sauce pasta on an empty stomach? Your stomach is just feeling sick from all that oil and grease you naturally crave for something citrusy? Well…5 hours later I still felt that way.
I was grossed out by this sensation. I know this place at Aberdeen centre kicked ass. But here? They are serving customers with plastic bowls and not offering water to start. From what I know this is a restaurant, not a food court stall.
I don’t know what happened but the food was very disappointing when I visited. I still give it a two star because they still have darn good fried chicken wings. Curried fish balls and deep fried wedge tofu were alright.
Would I want to give this place another shot knowing I may feel sick again? Probably not.

J F.

Tu valoración: 3
Richmond, Canada

(Video) Asian Culture Special on The Express June 24, 2011 Part 2

Went there yesterday, ordered the chicken wings and it was good, do not get me wrong. However where it went wrong was the satay beef with vermicelli. Very little beef, very little satay. and very little taste. Stick to the other noodles when ordering here. Place is smaller then i expected, but congrats on the original owners on opening up again. Will be back but will not be ordering the satay beef


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